Formosa – The Beautiful Island

Taiwan, an island country, saddles Tropic of Cancer with the highest width 144 km (about 90 ml) within the most altitude difference 3,952 m (about 13,000 ft) Yushan.  You may adventure the spectacular Yushan mountains, experience the imposing Taroko valley (photo by Jeffery Hsu), savor the beautiful Shinshe flowersea (photo by sweet), and enjoy the vital Kenting beach.    As a backpacker, cycling in the springy East Rift valley, scooting along the northeastern rocky shore,  taking a train to taste the diverse city-country on western plain, and appreciate the Dome of Light (photo by Todd Alperovitz) in Kaohsiung metro station, you can take the pleasure of Taiwan in a leisurely travel.

Taiwan is located at the edge of Pacific and Asian Continent and one of the sources of Austronesian.  Taiwan native preserves traditional hierarchical society and wear colorful dresses participate harvest festival (photo by Harry Hunag) as the agriculture and fishery every year.  Taiwanese believe that we will be blessed after respect the nature and ancestors so that result diverse deities and traditional rituals in lunar calender.  Visitors can experience how piously Taiwanese worship for exorcism e.g. Yanshui Bee-firecracker (photo by Harry Hunag) and pray for shipping islanders as Tachia Matsu Pilgrimage.

After sunset is the other vital world in Taiwan, visitors never miss various nightmarkets there are manifold traditional Taiwanese snacks such as oyster omelet, bubble tea, and stick tofu.  Standing to the second highest building, Taipei 101, overlooks the Metropolitan in Taipei basin.  After an exhaust day, bath in Suao (photo by Hsyuan) cold or hot spring hotel until the sunrising from the horizon of the Pacific.

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